99:1 icapshe Lord raigneth, let the people tremble: he sitteth betweene the Cherubims, let the earth bee mooued.  
99:2 The Lord is great in Zion: and he is high aboue all people.  
99:3 Let them praise thy great and terrible Name: for it is holy.  
99:4 The Kings strength also loueth iudgement, thou doest establish equitie: thou executest iudgement and righteousnes in Iacob.  
99:5 Exalt yee the Lord our God, and worship at his footstoole: for he is holy. Margin Note
99:6 Moses and Aaron among his Priests, and Samuel among them that call vpon his Name: they called vpon the Lord, and he answered them.  
99:7 He spake vnto them in the cloudie pillar: they kept his Testimonies, and the Ordinance that he gaue them.  
99:8 Thou answeredst them, O Lord our God: thou wast a God that forgauest them, though thou tookest vengeance of their inuentions.  
99:9 Exalt the Lord our God, and worship at his holy hill: for the Lord our God is holy.