94:1 icaps Lord God, to whome vengeance belongeth: O God to whome vengeance belongeth, shew thy selfe. Margin Note
94:2 Lift vp thy selfe, thou iudge of the earth: render a reward to the proud.  
94:3 Lord, how long shall the wicked? how long shall the wicked triumph?  
94:4 How long shal they vtter, and speake hard things? and all the workers of iniquitie boast themselues?  
94:5 They breake in pieces thy people, O Lord: and afflict thine heritage.  
94:6 They slay the widowe and the stranger: and murder the fatherlesse.  
94:7 Yet they say, The Lord shall not see: neither shall the God of Iacob regard it.  
94:8 Understand, yee brutish among the people: and ye fooles, when will ye be wise?  
94:9 He that planted the eare, shall he not heare? he that formed the eye, shall he not see?  
94:10 He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? hee that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know?  
94:11 The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man: that they are vanitie.  
94:12 Blessed is the man whome thou chastenest, O Lord: and teachest him out of thy Law:  
94:13 That thou mayest giue him rest from the dayes of aduersitie: vntill the pit be digged for the wicked.  
94:14 For the Lord will not cast off his people: neither will he forsake his inheritance.  
94:15 But iudgement shall returne vnto righteousnesse: and all the vpright in heart shall follow it. Margin Note
94:16 Who will rise vp for mee against the euill doers? or who will stand vp for me against the workers of iniquitie?  
94:17 Unlesse the Lord had bene my helpe: my soule had almost dwelt in silence. Margin Note
94:18 When I said, My foote slippeth: thy mercie, O Lord, held me vp.  
94:19 In the multitude of my thoughts within me, thy comforts delight my soule.  
94:20 Shal the throne of iniquitie haue fellowship with thee: which frameth mischiefe by a lawe?  
94:21 They gather themselues together against the soule of the righteous: and condemne the innocent blood.  
94:22 But the Lord is my defence: and my God is the rocke of my refuge.  
94:23 And hee shall bring vpon them their owne iniquitie, and shall cut them off in their owne wickednesse: yea the Lord our God shall cut them off.